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Size: Small

Color: Navy



Elevate your wardrobe with the Gia Leather Belt, a statement accessory that blends vintage charm with modern sophistication. Our artisans have taken 100% genuine leather and imbued it with deep, rich colors of Navy and Red, using 100% vegetable-based dyes for a finish that is not only striking but environmentally conscious. Each Gia belt is a canvas of creativity, boasting unique antique-look studs and meticulous hand-stitches that tell a story of timeless elegance.

This belt is not just a fashion statement but a testament to sustainable luxury. The 100% recycled, nickel-free hardware signifies a commitment to eco-friendly fashion, while the hand-embroidered details showcase the unmatched skill of our craftsmen. Anchored by a robust 100% brass single-prong buckle, this belt offers a secure fit and a classic touch that complements any outfit, from a tailored suit to your favorite pair of jeans.

The Gia Leather Belt is an embodiment of style that speaks to the soul, a versatile accessory designed to stand the test of time. Its antique stud details catch the light and draw the eye, ensuring that each time you wear it, you're not just putting on a belt—you're making a statement. With its durable craftsmanship and stylish design, the Gia Leather Belt is more than an addition to your attire; it's an essential piece of your personal style story.


  • 100% Genuine Leather
  • 100% Vegetable Base Dyes
  • 100% Recycled Nickel-Free Hardware
  • 100% Hand-Stitched & Hand-Embroidered
  • 100% Brass Single-Prong Buckle
  • Embellished with antique-look studs

STYLE # OTB90935

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Lin W
Easily size adjustable

This design is kind of brilliant. Why didn’t belts like this exist when I was a skinny thing like my daughters are now. These belts come with a tool and directions to explain how to shorten the belt from the buckle end and not have to poke extra holes for those who need it to go smaller. I can’t speak to how long the belt will last, but I’m super impressed so far and my daughter is thrilled she doesn’t haven’t to wrap it around herself twice to get it to stay.