Celosia Cube Jewelry Case

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Color: Aqua



The Celosia Cube Jewelry Case is a compact treasure trove designed for the fashion-forward traveler. Balancing utility with elegance, this case is thoughtfully crafted from 100% genuine leather, embodying a tactile softness that protects and organizes your cherished jewelry with grace. Its dimensions, 6 inches in width, 4.5 inches in height, and 5 inches in depth, make it a space-efficient solution, fitting neatly into any travel bag or suitcase.

Every aspect of the Celosia Cube Jewelry Case is a nod to sustainable practices, featuring 100% recycled, nickel-free hardware, and 100% vegetable-based dyes that add a vibrant yet earth-friendly color to the leather. With a commitment to craftsmanship, each case is 100% handcrafted, ensuring a unique presence and a high-quality constitution.

The design of the Celosia Cube Jewelry Case is infused with a spirit of minimalist chic, mirroring a modern aesthetic that doesn't compromise on practicality. It's not just a case but a travel necessity for those who cherish their jewelry collection. Its soft body leather structure is enhanced with loose pouches for flexible organization, while the soft interior lining cushions your valuables.

The case's secure ring and earring straps, along with (2) zipper pouches, (2) loose pouches, (1) main compartment, (1) ring strap, (2) earring straps, and (16) earring holders, provide ample organization for a variety of jewelry, ensuring every piece has its place. The low-profile logo maintains the case's sleek appearance, while the thoughtful design guarantees your accessories remain safely stowed.


  • Crafted with 100% Genuine Leather for an elegant and soft exterior.
  • 100% Recycled Nickel-Free Hardware ensures sustainability and durability.
  • Colored with 100% Vegetable-Based Dyes for an eco-friendly vibrancy.
  • Each case is 100% Handcrafted, delivering bespoke artistry and unmatched quality.
  • Soft Body Leather and Loose Pouches included for versatile storage options.
  • Soft Interior Lining provides a gentle cushion for delicate items.
  • Low-Profile Logo maintains a refined look.
  • Secure Ring and Earring Straps keep jewelry organized and protected.

Interior Organization:

  • (2) Zipper Pouches
  • (2) Loose Pouches
  • (1) Main Compartment
  • (1) Ring Strap
  • (2) Earring Straps
  • (16) Earring Holders


  • Width: 6 inches
  • Height: 4.5 inches
  • Depth: 5 inches

STYLE # OTA22801